The right to pollute
Posted by aogWednesday, 07 May 2003 at 22:10 TrackBack Ping URL
I wanted to mention this but it didn't fit in the previous post. One thing that is just bizarre to me, although it's a tenet of the Green movement and widely accepted, is that polluting is of itself evil and wrong. I don't like pollution any more than a Green myself, but it is a sad fact of reality that to exist is to pollute. To say "one should not pollute" is to say "one should not be alive". I suppose that for many Greens this is the preferred state for people but I think that that rest of us might find that a bit fanatical. Like freedom, polluting is not an absolutely right but something that is constrained by the shape of the reality we live in. One must accept that other people are going to pollute and see how we can minimize that, just as we have to accept certain infringements on our liberty in order to have a maximally liberal society.