Some animals are more equal than others.
Posted by aogFriday, 09 May 2003 at 06:43 TrackBack Ping URL
Apparently there is a large market in Europe for animal skins from dogs and cats. Some in the blogosphere have gotten upset about this. I don't really see the problem. If one accepts skinning, say, minks for clothing why not other animals? Certainly if the reports of animals being skinned alive are true, that's horrendous but I would think that regardless of what particular animal was subject to such cruelty. I also find it a bit implausible – one would think that it would just make the operation more difficult without no benefit.

This reminds of the flap over eating dogs in Korea or the brouhaha about horses being shipped from California to other states for to be slaughtered for meat. Maybe it's because I don't own pets but I just don't see the difference between a horse, dog, cat, cow or pig in this regard. I have yet to see an argument against the kinds of things mentioned here that wouldn't apply equally well to any of these animals. Clearly that's a feature from the PETA point of view but it seems to escape otherwise rational people.