Petard watch - German edition
Posted by aogThursday, 08 May 2003 at 20:58 TrackBack Ping URL
So the Germans are stressed out because some of their troops may have to obey orders from Polish officers. Do they look back at the Katyn forest with fondness? But what I like best about this is that is a classic move by President Bush where his political opponents are punished by their own flaws. What can the Germans say? Their objection has no real basis except jingoism, that venal sin which is used to curse Americans. It rubs Old Europe's impotence in its face in way that's hard to object to publically without making things worse. There is already quite a bit of rancor left over from Chiraq's remarks about how Eastern Europe should have “remained silent” about the invasion of Iraq. Reading some of the comments by the Poles I suspect that they are willfully playing the naivé naif in the whole thing because that just makes Germany look worse. This seems like another diplomatic coup by the Bush team.