Paving a road with good intentions
Posted by aogSunday, 18 May 2003 at 19:18 TrackBack Ping URL
Tom Segev writes that the current roadmap for the Middle East isn't likely to lead anyone anywhere. It seems to me more likely to lead anyone following it in to another dream castle. Segev himself says, in remarkably nuetral terms, “in the final days of 2000, it [the Oslo peace process] exploded in our faces”. Apparently everyone was just sitting down, riding along the road to peace when it just suddenly exploded. The months of planning by the Palestinian Authority to start the second Intifadah are simply ignored.

Segev then goes on to talk about some of the bad things that Israel has done:

[…] during the Six Day War of 1967, the former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion urged Teddy Kollek, the mayor of Jerusalem, to expel Arabs who had been living there in houses formerly inhabited by Jews. Kollek replied that, according to the law, he could not do that. Ben-Gurion's reaction is recorded in his diary: ''No need for any law. Occupation is the best law!'' Those particular Arabs were, in fact, eventually forced out.
No mention of anything less than polite things the Arabs may have done in the same time frame (such as the mass ethnic cleansing of Jews in the Middle East). Ultimately, of course, the acts of terror are because “Israel constantly violates their [Palestinians] most basic human rights and imposes various forms of collective punishment”. If this were true, why are the Palestinians conducting terror against the Palestinian Authority which does worse to them than the Israelis? Why not the Kuwaitis who ethnically cleansed them from Kuwait after the first Gulf War? Or Jordan and Lebanon which refuse to allow them to become citizens?

But Segev's biggest delusions is the following:

Painful as it may be, the Israelis must recognize that terrorist attacks cannot be stopped entirely-and efforts to reduce the tension must nevertheless continue.
That's simply not true. I can think of several measures that would end the terror, most of which revolve around the concept that “no Palestinians means no Palestinian terror”. What's bizarre is that Segev touches on this with his quote above. One might argue that today, it is unacceptable to ethnically cleanse Israel and the West Bank of Palestinians or to commit genocide against them. However, that seems to be a double standard as the open embrace of exactly those measures against the Israelis draws no serious condemnation. As others have noted, should not the Palestinians and their appeasers like Segev consider that at some point, Israel may be willing to fight to the last Palestinian as well?