Painting yourself into a corner
Posted by aogThursday, 15 May 2003 at 10:13 TrackBack Ping URL
Damian Penny wonders why the Democratic Party doesn't make an issue of the ties between the Bush administration and the Saudi Entity. According to Mr. Penny, the FBI mission to the Saudi Entity to investigate the lastest set of bombings has been scaled back due to Saudi “sensitivity”.

The problem for the Democrats is that to attack President Bush on this issue would be to lose on the meta-issue which is a general attack on the “bellicosity” of Bush's foreign policy. If we need to lean on the Saudis to deal with this issue, that of itself is an admission of several things the Democratic Party doesn't want to admit:

  • That there is in fact a war on terrorism and not just Al Qaeda. This leads directly to the concept that Bush's grander vision is the correct path.
  • That the correct foreign policy is to be tough, not accomodating.
  • That there are violent sects of Islam. This one in particular is a hard one to let go. It is of course non-PC and against the grain of multiculturalism, which is to blame America first. Only judgements against the US are valid – any criticism of other cultures or religions is Evil Western Hegemony.
The bottom line is that for all of the tactical benefit of hitting Bush over the Saudi Entity, the strategic implications make it unacceptable. This is an excellent example of the cost of not having a valid opposition party.