Hollow victory
Posted by aogMonday, 26 May 2003 at 11:49 TrackBack Ping URL
“The publication Monday of the first draft of a European constitution suggests that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has won three crucial battles”. And what would those three battles be about? The dropping of three provisions in the EU constitution:
  • The word ‘federal’ is no longer in the introduction
  • The EU will not be renamed “The United States of Europe”
  • The explicit mention of tax harmonization was dropped
Forgive me for being less than impressed. Two of these are cosmetic. In fact, the UK would be lucky to be as independent in the new EU as a state is in the United States of America. The final one may sound nice, but the economic provisions elsewhere in the document make it a moot point. Elsewhere is the statement “The Union shall coordinate the economic policies of the member states, in particular by establishing broad guidelines for these policies”. If that doesn't leave a loophole big enough for EUcrats to drive higher taxes through then ENA needs to revise its cirriculum.

Of course, striking the tax harmonization provision still leaves over 250 articles. The odds of that much text in multiple languages being internally consistent is roughly nil. But I suppose that, like the constitution of the USSR, it's more of a propaganda device than an actual governing document.