Communist persecution of homosexuals
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Why do the Communists hate homosexuals? It seems to be a common theme in totalitarian regimes that homosexuals are persecuted. For ‘right’ totalitarians, I can understand the basis for this. Such persecution is in line with the basic principles of the regime, particular its religious and social policies. The right tends to favor families and breeding so opposition to homosexuality is what one would expect. I don't agree politically but I can understand the motivation.

But why would a Communist regime care? In fact, one might logically argue that such a regime would benefit from wide spread homosexuality especially if it led to state run child rearing. Joe Haldeman alluded to this in The Forever War. Moreoever all of the rhetoric of Communism is against such persecution. I find it quite puzzling not only because such persecution is against the putative values of Communism but because there doesn't seem to be any benefit from it for such regimes. Yet it has been a hallmark of totalitarianism that homeosexuals are actually worse off than the average population under Communism, persecuted specifically for being homosexual.

It's even more puzzling that the fact that so many of the fellow travelers of the Communists and now the Caliphascists are homosexual. But that at least isn't much different than writers and artists hobnobbing with Castro while he imprisons the local ones.

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David Howe Saturday, 17 May 2003 at 21:00

I’ve asked the same of my readers. Well said.

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