All the pieces but not the puzzle
Posted by aogSunday, 18 May 2003 at 22:02 TrackBack Ping URL
Junkyard Blog has dredged up a column by Susan Estrich which basically is a screed asking Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their crew to shut up and let the Democratic Party move on from the 1990's.

What's fascinating is that Estrich touches on all of the key points that made Bill Clinton such a lousy president but never puts it all together. What was Clinton's primary failing as president? His banana-republic view that it was all about him, that once he was president the power of the office was his personal toy. Because of this Clinton disregarded the interests of any thing other than himself – Monica Lewinsky, his cabinet, the rule of law. Clinton almost certainly could have defused the entire issue by just issuing a statement that “Yes, I did it, I'm sorry, please forgive me”. He chose not to for purely selfish reasons. And what's the problem now? Clinton is ignoring any interest other than himself – other Democratic presidential candidates, their supporters, the Democratic Party. Blumenthal and the Clintons are pushing this book for purely selfish reasons. Is there, perhaps, some pattern here?

Given how much effort Estrich personally put in to preventing Clinton from suffering for his selfish behaviour it seems rather hypocritical to complain about the Clinton Crew continuing to behave the same way they always have. But Estrich just can't see the pattern.