Turning of the tide
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Orin Judd thinks that the momentum of the public view of the war has shifted. I was listening to As It Happens which is Canadian radio show that's usually reliable leftist even for Canada (although tolerable because, unlike many lefties, they don't take themselves too seriously). The host was talking to a MP of the Liberal Party about the impact of the current discord between Canada and the US and what that MP in particular was doing to try and mend fences. The primary concern was the US businesses would cut back on purchases in Canada which could be devastating to the Canadian economy. All very standard but what stunned me was the host asking the MP “So what about the things being said about Americans by your fellow legislators and even cabinet ministers?”The MP was clearly flummoxed by the question and stuttered around it for a bit before claiming that well, they were just musing, they regretted saying those things and they didn't expect them to have such an impact in America. But what could he say? “My fellow party members are idiots”? But the host was willing to drop this on him in a live interview. That's a turning of the tide.
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oj Thursday, 03 April 2003 at 08:17

Yesterday’s stock market gains are perhaps the clearest indicator of the psychological shift.

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