The American way of conquest
Posted by aogMonday, 28 April 2003 at 22:19 TrackBack Ping URL
I was listening to some news program in the airport today and I realized one highly emblematic aspect of American conquests vs. those of other nations, particularly in the past. When the American military conquers another nation, one of the first thoughts that occurs to Americans is “how much are my taxes going to go up to pay for this?”. The basic presumption for everyone except the Left is that any such conquest will be expensive, something that will require transfers of wealth from the US to the other nation. This is not an attitude that encourages military adventures. It also demonstrates that that American people will be happy to let Iraq go when it's time for that nation to stand on its own again. It is in fact a mark of generosity of America that we were willing to invade Iraq despite the expense in blood and treasure knowing that we will gain no riches nor territory from it.