Out of fashion
Posted by aogFriday, 25 April 2003 at 08:11 TrackBack Ping URL
So now the entire board of one of those friends of Cuba organizations has resigned en masse. The “Cuba Policy Foundation” has disbanded because it has finally become clear to them that Castro has no interest in any improvement of the state of the Cuban people nor in improved relations with the US if that entails the sacrifice of the smallest sliver of his power. Based on all of the other recent Castro bashing on the Left, it looks like the Castro's star is starting to dim. But why? I'd like to think that the changes since 9/11/2001 have made continued open support for a dictator like Castro unacceptable but that seems unlikely. Could it be the more cynical motive of, having been so wrong on Iraq and Saddam Hussein, they want to get ahead of the curve on Castro. Or maybe, having cried “help! help! I'm being oppressed!!” so loudly it's embarassing to hobnob with a real oppressor. But I believe that it's simply because, for unfathomable reasons, Castro has become unfashionable.