The destruction of the private sphere
Posted by aogThursday, 06 March 2003 at 07:51 TrackBack Ping URL
One of the problems of the Left is its drive to destroy the private sphere, the space where people interact without government control. I believe in having a consent based, self ordered minarchy precisely because it provides the greatest scope for a private sphere.

The specific example for today was brought to my attention by National Propaganda Radio which had a story on lawsuits against gun manufacturers. I'll skip over the issues of bad faith, legal silliness and extortion by the plaintiffs and look at a broader issue. One notes that the primary issue for these lawsuits is to punish the gun manufacturers for not enforcing federal law on their own. In other circumstances we might call that vigilantism, which as I remember is generally frowned upon by the gun control types, but I suppose intellectual or ideological consistency is the least of their errors. We can also consider the recent mall case where there is the presumption that even though the mall is private property, the owners cannot act as would the owner of non-commerical property. At the same time mall owners are being required (via lawsuits) to directly enforce governmental law on their properties. The common element is that the private sphere is being destroyed by forcing it into explicitly convergence with the public / governmental sphere. We could look at the recent Augusta case for another example. It would seem to be a function of a fundamental fear of difference by the factions on the Left. The end point of this is of course the dull dreariness of the Communist world, which may well be why the Left doesn't find Communism a hostile political philosphy.