Staying the course
Posted by aogFriday, 07 March 2003 at 12:10 TrackBack Ping URL
I watched most of President Bush's press conference last night. In all seriousness I was half expecting him to announce that the invasion had started. With the rumours of Iraq destroying oil wells floating around the blogosphere I thought "if that's accurate then maybe we really can't wait anymore and Bush has told Franks to get it on". So I was a bit let down.

Overall, I didn't find it very interesting, but of course Bush didn't say anything that I haven't already heard and basically agree with. I agree that he looked and sounded very tired, although there are claims that this was deliberate and that the primary target was foreign public opinion.

My personal favorite fact was that Helen Thomas was deliberately snubbed [source]. I am sure that the usual suspects will be all in a flutter about this. I suspect that a common meme will be "he's an idiot – now she'll be pissed off and gunning for him". This would at least be intellectually consistent, because it's the same argument as the argument about not invading Iraq for fear of stirring up terrorists. In reality it's an invalid argument because there's nothing to lose if someone is already going all out to get you. Just like the Caliphascists can't do anything more because they're doing all they can now, it's difficult to see how Helen Thomas could become more openly hostile to Bush.