Posted by aogTuesday, 18 March 2003 at 17:28 TrackBack Ping URL
It's kind of interesting to me that people have a strongly voiced opinion on some matter while at the same time taking actions with regard to that that are completely inconsistent with their stated opinion. For instance, we have the “activists” in the Middle East protesting the brutal, oppressive Nazi like regime of Israel by becoming human shields, a tactic that relies on the innate humanity and decency of one's opponent. This means that these “activists” are engaging in an effort that is guaranteed to fail if their view of the Israeli government is correct.

President Chiraq is also in this state. If he really believes that President Bush is a fanatically religious moronic cowboy, then public statements to that effect and brusque dictats (“there are no circumstances under which France would approve”) seems like a pessimal stategy if that view of Bush is correct. I would have a lot more respect for people taking these positions if they didn't so obviously demonstrate either their total cynicism or complete lack of Clue™ through this kind of contradiction.