Powell watch
Posted by aogTuesday, 25 March 2003 at 22:12 TrackBack Ping URL
Winds of Change is claiming that
Radio reports that Colin Powell has invited France to join the USA and Britain to plan Iraq's post-war future. Why don't we just surrender to Saddam now and get it over with?
Powell shouldn't go because he failed to assemble a coalition but because he's apparently willing to make any sacrifice of US interests to do so. After what France has done to us and to the Iraqis in its support of Saddam Hussein, how can any serious person consider letting Chirac and his misbegotten cronies come any near the future of Iraq? Not to mention turning the last year from a humiliation to a major victory for France for the small price of making screwing the US over the strategy of choice for the rest of the planet.

UPDATE: An AP wire story on Fox News on this – “Hopefully, France will play a helpful role”.