Pope gives up fight against evil
Posted by aogSunday, 30 March 2003 at 08:46 TrackBack Ping URL
Pope John Paul has issued another call to end the war in Iraq. Since the only plausible outcome from ending the war at this point is a sharp increase in civilian deaths (during the post-war reprisals by the Ba'ath) and the strengthening of the forces of chaos and death, one must assume that the Pontiff is OK with that. Then we have this:
On Saturday the pope said he hoped the human tragedy of the war in Iraq would not set Christians and Muslims against each other and spark “a religious catastrophe”.
The only sparks I see that are trying to ignite a religious war are in the mosques and Al-Jazeera. This is particularly bizarre as Iraq has been a secular state during the whole of the Ba'ath reign, but no matter. It wouldn't be ... proper to distinguish right from wrong.