Lest we forget
Posted by aogMonday, 31 March 2003 at 07:44 TrackBack Ping URL
Various news agencies are reporting that relatives of the victims in Srebenica are starting to bury their dead. As we look at the future of Iraq, it is important to remember this as the wages of trust in the UN. Interestingly, the Reuters story mentions this but the Australian Broadcasting Company, cited above, makes no mention of UN involvement. The local Austin newpaper claims that
The victims had sought protection in the U.N. compound in Potocari, but the vastly outnumbered and lightly armed Dutch U.N. peacekeepers in charge of the area were no match for the Serb forces intent on purging the town of its Muslims.
True in a sense in that the Serbs were willing to fight and the UN peacekeepers weren't. But that lesson seems to have gone right by the anti-war factions.