It's not always just rhetoric
Posted by aogTuesday, 11 March 2003 at 09:15 TrackBack Ping URL
An interesting letter from an Iranian woman in commemoration of the "International Women's Day" details some of the struggles of women in Iran. What this make me think of is are the anti-war protestors here in the US. One of the main groups supporting the Iranian revolution was educated, middle class women who were subsequently put into chadors. I suspect that they, like our current crop of protestors, simply couldn't believe that the mullahs would really impose full shari'ah and get away with it. This of course is the standard "common front" technique where a hard core group of revolutionaries relies on the naivité of their fellow travelers to dismiss the hard core's statements to the faithful as "playing to the masses" instead of being serious descriptions of what the hard core intends. So when people say that ANSWER is just spewing overheated rhetoric and that marching under the ANSWER banner is just a way to get organized, I think of the Iranian women. They believed that too.