It's not about oil, it's about pure killing fun
Posted by aogWednesday, 19 March 2003 at 07:44 TrackBack Ping URL
There's a common meme running around the anti-war factions that the primary goal of the US is to kill Iraqi civilians. This is part of the delusional mind set. In fact it's likely that Saddam Hussein is the biggest threat to the Iraqi population through either deliberate terror or collateral damage from ecological crimes (such as burning the oil fields). Apparently much of the US preparation is to avoid having massacres of Iraqi citizens on the orders of Saddam Hussein from being blamed on the US.

The interesting case currently is Basra. This is a major port and its investment will represent a significant victory for the invaders. Yet apparently it has been abandoned and left with only token forces. The best explanation for this is that chemical weapons are either pre-positioned in the city or ready to be launched at the city once it has been occupied. This would be the ideal scenario for Saddam Hussein, large military casualities to demoralize the home populations and large civilian casualties to blame on the US. The most depressing thought is that if this does happen, the international community and the local opposition will in fact blame the US. I'm beginning to really understand what it's been like for Israel all these years.