It's never worked before but maybe it will work this time
Posted by aogMonday, 10 March 2003 at 22:35 TrackBack Ping URL
When did bombing civilians come to be considered a war crime? I've never favored direct attacks on civilians, even during WWII. But clearly at that time it was considered an acceptable practice. Now, how ever, the anti-war factions use the claim that the invasion of Iraq will involve bombing civilians as if that alone is sufficient reason to not invade. For instance, one anti-war blogger says
Acknowledge the fact that if the smart bombs and cruise missiles launched at Iraq go off-course they will not land in your backyard in say, San Diego or Knoxville
Uh, yeah. And as a return tip, fire will hurt if you stick your hand in it. The implication is that if the pro-invasion folk just understood that bombs don't always hit their targets and sometimes kill civilians, then they wouldn't support the invasion. That has never stopped anyone in the entire history of warfare, so when did people start thinking it would? Of course, part of this is certainly that if we actually did believe this then we would be prevented from engaging in war at all, kind of a passive-aggressive pacifism without the courage of its convictions.