High crimes and misdemeanors
Posted by aogThursday, 06 March 2003 at 21:56 TrackBack Ping URL
So now the plan is apparently to try to impeach President Bush [source]. Of course, this is completely legal – the only determinant of what is valid grounds for impeachment is a vote in the House of Representatives (and what impeachable offenses deserve removal from office is purely a Senate matter). The only specifically mentioned charge is "bombing civilians". That translates to "fighting a modern war", as there hasn't been a war ever that involved bombing but not bombing civilians. It would also mean that any enemy who put his military among his civilian population would be immune to any US response. I don't think that matters, because the effort isn't about affirming some principle but punishing Bush. Here's a money quote from Professor Francis A. Boyle:
"It's under active review by several members of Congress," Boyle said. "It's going to take someone with courage, integrity and a safe seat to do this."
Now, why exactly would it take some one with a safe seat? Could it be because this impeachment would be enormously unpopular? And if so, what kind of blow back could that Representative's fellow party members expect? Let's hear it for collateral damage!