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Posted by aogWednesday, 12 March 2003 at 10:16 TrackBack Ping URL
Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, demonstrates in an editorial how severe a reality dysfunction he suffers. The best one is early, in the second paragraph:
The whole international community needs to act together to curb the proliferation of these terrible weapons, wherever it may be happening
Of course, if the whole international community could act to together there wouldn't be a problem. The existence of a problem (such as we have now) can only occur if some nations are not acting in concert with others. Annan's solution pre-supposes the non-existence of a problem which makes it effective in the logocosm (the place where words change reality). It doesn't seem to do much for us here, though. A couple of paragraphs on we get
That is why the Security Council is determined to disarm Iraq of these weapons, and has passed successive resolutions since 1991 requiring Iraq to disarm.
Once again, Annan is broadcasting messages from the logocosm. We can tell that the UNSC is determined because they keep passing resolutions that are then ignored. If passing a resolution was a successful tactic, why does the UNSC have to pass successive ones?

Annan doesn't seem to have drifted completely off this plane of reality. He notes

If, on the other hand, the members of the council can come together, even at this late hour, and ensure compliance with their earlier resolutions by agreeing on a common course of action, then the council's authority will be enhanced, and the world will be a safer place.
At least there is the acknowledgement that not enforcing the earlier resolutions isn't a strategy for success. However, Annan feels compelled to say enforcing the resolutions is only really a success if it's done by the UNSC agreeing on a common course of action. Or perhaps he means that the act of agreeing on a common course of action will cause the resolutions to be enforced (that would be more consistent with the other views expressed in the article). We see an aspect of that in [emphasis added]
However this conflict is resolved, the U.N. will remain as central as it is today. We should do everything we can to maintain its unity
Unity of the UN as the most important goal. Now for some, that might be a cynical goal, something to which all else must be sacrificed. But I believe that Annan has a different view – that this unity is the driving engine of solution. That's a common delusion, that somehow if we all just agree on what to do, that course of action will be the right one. Sadly, that view is a symptom of a severe reality dysfunction.