Embedding reporters
Posted by aogSunday, 23 March 2003 at 16:56 TrackBack Ping URL
I wonder if part of the purpose for embedding reporters in military units is to promote bonding between the reporters and the troops. In past generations most reporters far closer sociologically to the troops. Indeed, while there was a draft and before reporters became left leaning yuppies there was much more common feeling. These days reporters and our troops might as well be from different countries for the most part. The standard reporting pool wouldn't have helped much because of the rotation, each unit being just another faceless assemblage of inscrutable war mongers. But embedded reporters are with the same bunch day after day and their very survival might well depend on those same troops. This seems very likely to create at least a few reporters who come to understand that our troops are actually people who are doing an important job under very difficult conditions. Just like the human shields, getting up close and personal with the reality on the ground can be very clarifying.