Unclear on the concept
Posted by aogThursday, 13 February 2003 at 20:40 TrackBack Ping URL
Orin Judd has a note concerning accusations from the Democratic Party that the CIA sabotaged the UN inspections in Iraq. Do they mean that the CIA had agents in the inspection teams, or leaked information to Saddam? Why no, the complaint is that the CIA didn't provide enough information to the inspection teams. This is flourescent idiocy because not only was the CIA under no obligation to do so, but the entire process was supposed to rely on information supplied by Iraq. I am simply flummoxed by the ability of US Senator Carl Levin to blame the CIA for Saddam's failure to come clean. George Tenet, who I otherwise have little respect for, gets it exactly right:
Unless [President Saddam] provides the data to build on, provides the access, provides the unfettered access that he's supposed to, provides us with surveillance capability, there is little chance you're going to find weapons of mass destruction under the rubric he's created inside the country ... The inspectors have been put in a very difficult position by his behaviour
Of course, Levin is also the Senator who believes that "unilateral" means "without UN approval". I'd love to ask the Senator what the word meant before the UN was founded.