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Joe Katzman, who due to an unfortunate TrackBack was guilted into reading this blog, has suggested that I use the term “Caliphascists” instead of “Calipharians” because the latter sounds like a bunch of dope smoking posers (e.g., like most of the anti-war protestors) instead of what they actually are, dangerous fanatics. I think I’ll try it out for a while and see how it goes.

This got me thinking about the Al Qaeda vs. Saddam Hussein issue. A frequent claim is that there is no way these two would work together because one is secular and the other theocratic. But one look at the recent history of Iran shows that secular groups trying to establish a new order are willing to work hand in hand with theocrats. This is in fact a common phenomenon. The most frequently used term is “common front” and was perfected by the Communists (although the basic idea has existed for as long as there have been political factions). All you need is a single thing that needs to be destroyed for any of the factions to succeed. The factions will naturally band together to destroy the shared blockage, each planning to betray the others once the common problem is eliminated. To me it is the height of naivite to think that Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, master schemers, are unaware of this common technique or that either would find it ethically problematic (yeah, murdering thousands of innocent people is one thing, but dishonest politically maneuvering - that’s beyond the pale).

UPDATE: Jihad and Jew-Hatred;, a book about (via) the deliberate import of Fascism in to Islamic culture in the WWI through WWII era. The thesis is that while Islam has been hostile to Jews since its origin, the conspiracy mongering and vision of the ZOG, or Jews secretly running the world, is a relatively recent import.

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