Stupidity or contempt?
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Sometimes it seems like the Iraqi regime is a master of propaganda, able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of fellow travelers in a world wide set of protests. Then one reads other things which make those fellow travelers seem like people who convince themselves that their spouse isn't cheating despite having a frequent stayer discount at the local motel. In this case, Instantman mentions that Saddam could only gin up 3000 protestors against the invasion of Iraq. That's just astonishing. First, how could a totalitarian state not get more people than that in coordination with their fellow travelers in the West? Beyond that, why not just lie about the numbers? Who's going to contradict such a claim, the independent media in Iraq?

But there is more interesting stuff afoot. I hadn't realized that the Axis of Weasel plan for strengthened inspecitions planned for only 1,000 blue helmeted targets peacekeepers. Jeebus, they might not even have to rent more than one hotel in Baghdad. Yet the Iraqis have stated flat out that the plan is unacceptable. Again, that's so ham-handed. Couldn't Saddam's spielmeister Foreign Minister at least have said "we're studying it" until after the next UNSC vote? And this claim on the Iraqi Foreign Minister's part that any plan that didn't have the backing of the US is just bizarre. As Instantman noted, this is a case of a diplomat speaking the truth. But why? Undercutting the AoW seems like a bad move by the Iraqi regime at this point in time. Are they stupid or just that contemptuous? If the latter, perhaps they're not so wrong...

P.S. Isn't it interesting that both North Korea and Iraq say that if the US isn't on board, there's not point in talking? Even th0se Old Europe is desparately siding with think those Europeans are irrelevant. That's gotta hurt.

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Robert Fisk is perplexed at the lack of fervor on the part of anti-war protest in Arabia. [source]