Powell Pushes Pantywaist Posers
Posted by aogThursday, 20 February 2003 at 14:44 TrackBack Ping URL
After my latest Colin Powell bashing I must comment on his latest statements are pretty good. I note that he still doesn't "expect the [18th UNSC]resolution itself will contain a deadline". Without a deadline to say that "time is running out" is specious. I'm not sure I understand this part:
But he [Powell] added that Washington did not expect such a resolution to have a "timeline", given that Saddam has refused to fully comply with a dozen years of UN demands to give up chemical, biological and nuclear weapons
Does Powell mean that because previous deadlines were ignored, there's no point in having one now? If so, it's not clear how not having a deadline avoids the underlying problem of the UN being unwilling to enforce its resolutions if it makes the US more powerful. But it is well past time for this kind of tough talk, because just as weak talk from the UN has emboldened Saddam, weak talk to the UN has emboldened the obstructionist and fellow travelers there.