Naked protestors
Posted by aogThursday, 06 February 2003 at 11:53 TrackBack Ping URL
First we had the pro-Saddam naked protestors of Marin county and who were going to reprise their protest on 18 Jan, although I haven't heard any confirmation. Now there is a group in Australia intending to do the same thing. In this case, it's too much for them to get naked in public so they will be doing it in private so that no one can see them. The next step was pointed out by my co-worker BBB, and so I ask everyone reading this, if you support President Bush and the liberation of the Iraqi people, get naked in the shower tonight as a private show of support. If necessary, repeat on a daily basis until the Iraqi people are free. Those against the war can show their opposition by refusing to do this. I can guarantee that your actions will have as much impact as any of these other protests.
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