American cultural anti-imperialism
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There is a very interesting discussion about the complaints of a French film maker over at Samizdata. I think David Carr hit on a key point: when the Hong Kong film makers started taking market share, what did Hollywood executives do? Complain about Hong Kong's low brow culture, demand subsidies, try to restrict the imports? No, they hired the directors and adopted the style of the Hong Kong film industry. Let me repeat that - Hollywood surrendered culturally, unilaterally and without hesitation. Hollywood didn't even try to defend their film culture. And watch the reaction to Bollywood. If Indian films do well in America, Hollywood execs will be hiring Indian directors, actors, writers and doing cross distribution deals faster than you can say "residuals". America is called a "cultural imperialist" but what other nation so rapidly and unconcernedly assimilates culture from other countries?
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