Affirmative action and the American polity
Posted by aogTuesday, 11 February 2003 at 20:58 TrackBack Ping URL
One of the most pernicious effects of affirmative action is to introduce in the American polity a racial spoils system. As mentioned of the sucessful traits of America is its lack of necessity for ethnic groups to acquire political power in order to live well. Affirmative action changes that, because now much economic benefit comes from controlling the definitions and requirements of this tribal spoils system. What is one to make of the hubbub surrounding the census data that hispanics might outnumber blacks? The former definition is laughably vague to start with, and "black" isn't far behind on that score. But more importantly, why should any one care? The answer is because of affirmative action. The various "leaders" believe that those with the largest tribe will be first at the trough to define the scope, benefits and recipients of the system. I cannot view that as a good thing for the long term health of our polity.