We don't want off the ride!
Posted by aogThursday, 23 January 2003 at 08:53 TrackBack Ping URL
Following a link I went to read some posts at Disgusted Liberal. The most interesting post for me was a discussion of Michael Kelly's column about the liberal Death Spiral. Both the original article and the commentary are quite good. In the comments, however, we have a classic example of why the spiralling continues.
Stop bemoaning the fact that not all will share your wider liberal analysis of the war. Greens, socialists, anarchists etc. have always been the "vanguard" of social change -- the spearheads as it were of positions that people such as yourself can come along and safely adopt when the coast is clear. [...] Accept that no war is the goal, drop your intellectual haughtiness and try to engage with people more.
I would say that there is Kelly's original point. The putative goals that liberals have, greater freedom, fairness, justice, equality, all tossed for the goal of "no war". And not even that - really just "no war by the United States". I don't remember any kind of protest like this when Iraq invaded Kuwait. The "engage with people more" is just as bizarre. Yes, those protest signs of "Bush == Hitler" and unfavorable comparisons of US electoral practices against Iraq's, the greetings from the mujahadeen, now that's engaging with people. But the commentator probably believes that those are mainstream positions. That's the kind of insularity that's pushing the death spiral along. Even a major geek like me is better connected with mainstream thought than that.