Running slightly behind
Posted by aogThursday, 02 January 2003 at 08:38 TrackBack Ping URL
John Derbyshire comments:
Nellie Muriel declares that green & blue slopes (i.e. beginner and intermediate) are "gay" -- the latest, and I think rather interesting, sub-teen synonym for "beneath contempt," "babyish," "lame," etc.
Well, back when I was a sub-teen (and that was many a year ago), a very common expression for exactly that sort of thing was "homo", short for "homosexual". So it isn't very new - it's a retread of slang that been around for a long, long time. Only the word in common use to denote it has changed. That would seem to detract from the "interesting" part. Next, Derbyshire will discover the "latest" slang for weak or ineffectual - "girly".

UPDATE: Derbyshire is deluged with e-mail pointing out the same thing I did.