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Apparently the White House is handing off the crisis in North Korea to the United Nations. This seems like an excellent move to me. As I and others have argued, unlike Iraq time is on our side with North Korea. It already has nukes and the regime is far closer to internal collapse. Bumping them over to the UN is a three-fer:
  • Greatly delays any substantive negotiations
  • Dumps the problem in the laps of our "allies" just as it looks like Bush will be dropping the hammer on Iraq
  • Given that the North Koreans want direct talks with the US this is a good slap in the face
Are we getting results already? North Korea has just pledged to not develop nuclear weapons. That story also says that
After returning from talks in Pyongyang, the adviser, Maurice Strong, told reporters that North Korea made it clear to him that the UN Security Council should not take up the issue
Sounds like an endorsement to me!

Via Rantburg.

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John Whitley Wednesday, 09 July 2003 at 17:41
There’s a very interesting page on ‘Maurice Strong And The New World Order’ at

The ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’ site - at also used to carry a number of related article like “THE GREENING”, which is now archived at

One article from that ‘NWOIU’ site, ‘BACK TO THE USSR - WITH A VENGEANCE’, has a direct bearing on this topic. It includes a lengthy and astonishingly accurate quote from the end of the 19th century on ‘The Plan For Three World Wars.’ It’s archived at

Good books, hard to find and often out of print, on elite figures like Maurice Strong are also often briefly available on RareHistoryBooks.Com, at

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