Parochial minds
Posted by aogTuesday, 07 January 2003 at 21:18 TrackBack Ping URL
Much mock has been made of the nekkid protestors in California. While the idea of marching nekkid to support a cause is garden variety stupid, the idea of having 100,000 people do it simultaneously is simply delusional. But the true limits of the thought processes here is the idea that people in Washington DC in the middle of January will be getting nekkid as well. That's not uncomfortably, that's downright dangerous. I suspect that it the weather issue just didn't occur to the organizers - after all, while it will be a bit chilly in San Francisco then, it won't be express service hypothermia or frostbite. I believe that Donna Sheehan is simply incapable of grasping that not everyone and everyplace is just like her and her neighborhood.