Out of the blog
Posted by aogFriday, 24 January 2003 at 17:23 TrackBack Ping URL
I'm heading to California for a week on a business trip. Among other things, I am supposed to talk with certain people who want to provide input on some of my projects. It was decreed that direct talks were necessary because of my poor written communication skills. Like President Bush going to the UN, I don't execpt the talks to be in any way productive, if they even occur, but sometimes you have to go through the motions. How much interaction with the blogosphere I will have isn't clear. This isn't going to be a good week to be out of the loop and dependent on mainstream media for information - I could probably just guess more accurately than that. If I'm not around for the dropping of the hammer, God bless our troops and the Iraqi people. Saddam, there's Someone else who's going to be watching over you.