Not so funny when it's done to you, eh?
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Also in Slate today is an article by William Saletan about the Bush Administration "disguising" a tax cut for the rich as a tax cut for seniors. That is a bit disingenious, but not that bad because of course most rich people are seniors. But the bizarre bit is that Saletan castigates Bush for this trick, as if Bush were the first politician to think of spinning legislation by renaming the beneficiaries. Who, exactly, invented the term "senior citizen"? I don't think that it was a Republican. Here's the best quote:
If Bush adds tax cuts for the old to tax cuts for the dead, there's no telling how far down the life cycle he could go. Tax breaks on leisure travel, in the name of older Americans? Tax breaks on second homes, in the name of the middle-aged? Tax breaks on capital gains, in the name of the overweight? Inventing euphemisms for the rich never gets old.
Just switch "old"/"older Americans" to "the children" and you have most of the Democratic Party play book.
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David Cohen Friday, 10 January 2003 at 08:33

This is a great point, especially given how the Dems keep expanding the definition of “children”. Now, for the purposes of making gun violence seem even more horific, 19 year olds are children, and Johnny Lindh, at 20, was being excused because, as a “youth”, he couldn’t be expected to understand that going to an Al Qaida training camp was, um, questionable judgment. If the Dems start at child and keep going up, and the Reps start at older and keep going down, pretty soon none of us will have to be taxed (the Republican goal) and all of us can get government handouts (the Democratic goal).

But really I just came over to thank you for your comments about space based solar power at Orrin’s blog. That thread has been a lot of fun to read.

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 10 January 2003 at 09:45

Thanks, dude!

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