None are so blind as those who will not see
Posted by aogSunday, 05 January 2003 at 14:27 TrackBack Ping URL
I went to adult Sunday school this morning because they were having a series of sessions on the Middle East. I've been following stories of moral idiotarianism on the part of various church oranizations. Apparently it's common, because the handouts I got were heavily biased in favor of the Palestinians (that is to say, in favor of equivalance between the two sides). I did what I could to inject some perspective (for instance, mentioning the several million German refugees resulting from moving the German border west to the Oder (which the pastor was completely unaware of. But when he outright denied that the violence in the region between WWI and WWII wasn't primarily pogroms against the Jews I knew there wasn't much hope. He also blamed Israel for destroying the judicial system in the West Bank because it had been there when the Ottoman Empire was in charge and now it wasn't. He also dismissed arguments about a free press by pointing out that in the US, even with a free press, we don't get the entire story. Ok, well then clearly it's not a big deal...

But to a large extent the documents (an example which was handed out, a rebuttal which wasn't) aren't filled with big lies, but selective omissions (as in the refugee issue mentioned above). The result of this is to paint the plight of the Palestinians as (1) unique and (2) externally imposed. Of course, their plight is neither and the solutions generally proposed require historically unique resolutions to common events and even if implemented would be rapidly destroyed by the dysfunctional politics and societal structure of the Palestinians, just like they destroyed Lebanon and almost destroyed Jordan. I see no hope until the Palestinians are willing to admit that other people have legitimate rights and desires. I see no evidence of that at present. And as long as we have religious organizations like this indulging the Palestinians in their delusion that everything should be arranged for teir benefit, there's little hope of change.