No easy answers
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A question for our time that we can only hope we don't have to answer, from Andrew X
Orin Judd says:
But the question is, will we stand by when they start gassing Muslims?
That is a horrifying question that I have pondered myself. And I would certainly like to think the answer is no. But what if Europe is going after Muslims in response to 10,000 dead in the subways of Paris and London? What if that oh-so-tolerant multi-culturalism has produced thousands of Muslims that consider their European homes to be enemy societies, to be attacked relentlessly in the name of God? What if the very weakness of Europe that we have all talked about is seen as an opportunity by those who would literally destroy the West and Judeo-Christian society as a whole? And I repeat and re-phrase.... what would be our opinion be of the German murder of the Jews the 40's their actions were after fanatical Jews murdered 10,000 Berliners, destroyed Cologne cathedral and others, stockpiled mustard and nerve gasses, and sent out radio and news releases essentially laughing at their successes, promising more and worse to come, and calling upon fellow Jews to murder Germans wherever they could be found? (All of this hypothetically taking place before any holocaust against the Jews, not after.)

So, horrible as it is to think about, just what would be our response? Should we wage war upon Germans to enable fanatics to continue their relentless mass murder against them? What options ARE we prepared to offer or expect from another country in such a situation?

It's a fair bet that question may need a real answer at some point soon. I'm not a huge fan of the 21st Century so far. And as a pretty harsh critic of Europe of late, I am not without sympathy. I believe they are facing a very difficult future, and some extremely hard choices.

I have some sympathy too, but the European elites have actively contributed to this problem so my sympathy is limited. While I've said that I would have more sympathy if the European governments did something to ameloriate the problem, this isn't what I meant. But considering the parties involved and their mindsets, I am beginning to wonder what other outcomes are possible.
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Harry Friday, 10 January 2003 at 14:43

Why is the issue of a generalised anti-muslim backlash (presumably what you are talking about) only an issue for Europe?

There are quite a few thousand muslims in the US aren’t there?

Do you rule out a massive rise in anti-muslim feeling if there was another 9/11 type incident carried by American Muslims?

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 10 January 2003 at 16:03

I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, but I think it’s much less likely. I should probably do a post on it, but the biggest point is that Europe’s done it before. Europe is the place where all of the ideologies that have lead to massive civilians deaths got started and evolved. Europe is not assimilating their Muslims, instead it is crowding them into ghettos and denying them work. Europe has disarmed its citizens, so the citizens are far more likely to call on the government to “solve” the problem. The excessive political correctness (much worse than in the US) prevents any of this from getting resolved much short of open civil war.

On the other hand, there hasn’t been much anti-Muslim backlash in the US even after 9/11. What worries me here is that the Muslim community seems to be working on creating that backlash the next time the terrorists hit us here. Even if there is a backlash, I suspect it won’t be as nasty as a possible European backlash because the US populace isn’t as afraid of Muslims as Europeans.

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