My guy's great but all the others are scum
Posted by aogSunday, 05 January 2003 at 19:40 TrackBack Ping URL
I commented a bit ago about John Edwards and trial lawyers. Instantman, also commenting on Virginia Postrel, claimed that there was a generic good will towards lawyers in the American public. Daily Pundit riposted with this survey showing lawyers having lost a lot of respect in the last 25 years. Daily Pundit now cites another survey by the American Bar Association where only journalists ranked lower in terms of respect. I wonder if this isn't the same phenomenom that has always puzzled me about Congress. While the public generally has a very low opinion about Congress as a whole, they tend to think well of their local Congresscritter, so that every one's Congresscritter is above average. Perhaps most people like their own lawyer but think all the other lawyers are scum. This wouldn't boad well for Edwards, since he's going to be one of the "other lawyers" to virtually the entire electorate.
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Andrea Harris Monday, 06 January 2003 at 09:54

In Florida we tend to think even less of our local Congresscreatures than ones from other states.

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