Moral Idiotarians
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In my previous post on Dennis Prager, I disputed that the conclusions that he claimed many leftists believe followed logically from the premise that people are innately good. I didn't claim that nobody drew such conclusions from that premise. Here is a prime example of the kind of people he was talking about.

This is an editorial from the The Asia Times Online which discusses how to deal with North Korea. The basic thrust of the article is that the North Korean leadership should realize that it's in the best interests of the North Korean people to engage in constructive diplomacy and open up to economic development. Gosh, really? Those 50 years of beligerence, assassination, kidnapping, treaty violations, vicious oppression and mass starvation are just because the North Korean leadership is confused about how to help the general populace? Here's a representative paragraph:

The answer is in Pyongyang, and it hinges on the strength and determination of the present leadership. Contrary to what it may seem, if Kim Jong-il is strong in his position and determined to get his country out of its misery, he should quickly stop this nuclear slide. If the saber-rattling goes on, it could indicate deep weaknesses in the North Korean leadership, strong rivalry, power struggles and a simple lack of basic understanding of the world. And that would be a nuisance.
A nuisance. Jeepers, we wouldn't want that. How could preventing misery in North Korea not be right up there on Kim Jong Il's "to-do" list? But it would take a failure now to indicate weakness in the NK leadership or a lack of basic understanding of the world? The entire editorial is written in this vaguely puzzled and disapproving tone because the author just can't figure out why Kim Jong Il won't do these things that would be good for the North Koreans. But the most bizarre part is that earlier, the author writes
[...] its [North Korea's] leadership is unreliable [...] some 20 million people are held hostage, as human shields, by their manipulative leaders who have no scruples.
Dude, perhaps that's related to why the leadership doesn't seem to be "determined to get the country out of its misery".
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pj Saturday, 04 January 2003 at 17:08

When did experience ever triumph over hope?

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