Marsh-al Violence
Posted by aogSaturday, 18 January 2003 at 20:05 TrackBack Ping URL
She Who Is Perfect In All Ways mentioned something to me that she saw printed recently. I went looking for further stories on line and found this mention of the marsh draining in southern Iraq. To quote a bit,
A recent UN study has focused new attention on the destruction of southern Iraq's vast marshlands at the heart of the Fertile Crescent. The study calls the loss of the wetlands an ecological catastrophe comparable to the deforestation of the Amazon and the shrinking of the Aral Sea. The drainage of the marshlands is part of a deliberate policy by Baghdad since 1991
Why isn't this considered big news by say, the Greens in Germany who are so opposed to overthrowing the Saddam regime? Or by any of the ecologically correct protestors who were out on the streets today? What of the multiculturalists - the draining of the swamps is eradicating both a people and a way of life. Of course, Saddam has spent huge amount of money and effort to wreak this havoc in preference to feeding the Iraqi people but hey, sacrifices have to be made. Saddam would have been easily able to afford this if it weren't for those darn sanctions.

This is actually worse than "no war for oil" because at least that one, while delusional, is consistent with the general policies of those making it. And certainly an oppressive government that murders its citizens has never been against the principles of the Left. Yet there they are, promoting conservation to avoid having to "fight for oil" while actively supporting someone who's draining the largest wetlands in the Middle East and killing tens of thousands of people in the process. The final ironic touch is that the draining has allowed Iraq to do more drilling for oil in the area.

P.S. Hey, isn't that kind of ecological damage against international law?

Update: Damian Penny beat me to this. Interesting that this story, buried so long, is now percolating out as my original source is different than Mr. Penny's.