Economics are secondary for bloggers
Posted by aogThursday, 02 January 2003 at 19:12 TrackBack Ping URL
A bit of a meme-storm on the topic of the finances of blogging. We have Russ Smith in NRO saying that the growth of non-institutional blogs will peter out this summer and that "just a few will survive". There is of course Andrew Sullivan pulling in $80,000. Oliver Willis is quoting a story about this being the year that bloggers get paid. This last is more reasonable, as it is only claiming that some blogs may be acquired by Big Media. But the idea that if there simply isn't much money in blogging will decimate the blogs I find completely untenable. Scott Adams said it best: "Why would you have to pay people to talk? You can't pay them to shut up!".

It may a lack of being able to think dynamically. The set of blogs in operation will change rapidly - I expect that after the blogosphere matures (which I do agree with Russ Smith that that will be fairly soon, within a year) there will be a lot of turnover. But there are way too many people who do this because they must rather than because they need money for there to be only a "few survivors". Blogs have been around long enough to see a number of good writers give up, but over time accumulating so much pent up verbiage that they are compelled to start writing again. I suspect I will be the same way. I try to write every day, but sometimes it's a burden. Other times I can't type fast enough to express what I have to say. But ultimately this blog is about satisfying me. Part of that is providing something pleasing to others, but that's not the only thing. And I suspect that most bloggers are the same way. People can walk away or ignore you in person, but if you've got a blog they can't shut you up.

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pj Friday, 03 January 2003 at 19:35

Just want to say I enjoy your blog and greatly respect your thoughts. Hope you keep it up.

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