Delusions of grandure
Posted by aogThursday, 09 January 2003 at 07:11 TrackBack Ping URL
Governor George Ryan, who is too corrupt for politics in Illinois, apparently has a website which is pushing his nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. I was aghast, but then I remembered the other recent winners of that prize and I thought, "jeebus, and here I'd thought that Ryan had hit bottom". But, like the highly experienced Illinois politician that he is, he can always dig deeper. The bit on the site that his election as governor has him "continuing a distinguished career of public service" is laughable to anyone who knows anything about state politics. Right now he's handing out state jobs to politcal allies [source] before the new governor takes over. Ryan winning the award would be worth it, however, if he has to get a prison pass to go and receive the award. [via TalkLeft]
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  Most Illinoisans, weary of the corruption of outgoing GOP Governor George Ryan, are appalled by the campaign afoot