Creative use of language
Posted by aogWednesday, 01 January 2003 at 20:46 TrackBack Ping URL
The Guardian is starting out the new year in classic style. In a story on alledged Israeli human rights abuses, we have the following paragraph:
In August, soldiers pressed 19-year old Nidal Abu Mukhsan to enter the house of a Hamas activist and tell him to come out quietly. The activist, Nasser Jarar, mistook Mr Abu Mukhsan for a soldier and shot him fatally in the head.
The "activist" shot him in the head. And the Israelis should have not only expected an "activist" to have a gun but to shoot any soldier he sees in the head.

This story also almost qualifies for the International Law Watch for the following paragraph:

But this is very dangerous for the people they [the IDF] force to do it, and it is completely illegal under international law
Is it? The PA is not a party to and certainly never obeys the Geneva conventions that outlaw this, which if I recall correctly causes Israel to not be bound either.

So let's recap: Israeli soldiers are not expected to abuse, threaten or infringe the rights of the Palestinians in any way (and the Israeli government at least attempts to investigate lapses), while it should be considered normal for Palestinian "activists" to shoot in the head any Israeli soldier they see without warning, which apparently is not against any "international law". As Dorothy Parker said, "I try to be cynical but it's hard to keep up".