Compassion or Justice?
Posted by aogMonday, 13 January 2003 at 16:24 TrackBack Ping URL
HRH Damian I, Not Yet Recognized Despotic Ruler of Newfoundland, comments on a possible plan to get Robert Mugabe to step down in exchange for a clean get away. Mr. Penny notes that because of the violation of a similar deal for Agusto Pinochet, Mugabe is less likely to take this offer (although it's certainly not ruled out). As Mr. Penny says,
Ironically enough, that [violation] could be a disincentive for Mugabe to resign
Why yes, it is. This was in fact commented on heavily at the time and in my view was a strong discentive to going after Pinochet. Will those who went after Pinochet feel any guilt if Mugabe murders a few million people instead of bugging out because some "do-gooders" wanted to make some headlines and feel good about themselves? It comes down to trying to do justice to dictators vs. saving the people he is oppressing. This is something that I've pondered in various forms for many a year, but recently I've come down on the side of compassion to the people. If this is the kind of deal it takes to get Mugabe out and prevent mass starvation in Zimbabwe, well fine. Get him a villa on the Riveria. I'll chip in. The truth is, there is no way justice can be done in a case like this. There is no punishment that fits the crime. So justice is a chimera which serves only to prolong the suffering of the innocent. Not a pleasant thought but pretending otherwise benefits no one.