Broken paradigm shifter
Posted by aogWednesday, 01 January 2003 at 09:56 TrackBack Ping URL
Here's a quote from the Nov 2002 issue of The Washington Monthly by Charles Peters:
It is possible that the Bush gang is applying its Florida recount strategy to the U.N.'s inspection of Iraq's weapons? Just as they delayed the recount until it was too late, the are delaying the inspection or finding fault with the inspection plan - delaying until the administration comes up with enough "intelligence" to justify a preemptive strike.
I just wonder, how exactly is the "Bush gang" delaying the inspections? Does the VRWC control the UN representatives of France and Russia? And I'm speechless at the idea that someone paying attention could apparently believe that the Iraq inspections are flawless. Even granting this theory of the 2000 elections (which is very generous of me), this still seems to be a rather severe fixation on seeing everything through the single paradigm of the 2000 elections.