A retirement house built of skulls
Posted by aogThursday, 16 January 2003 at 08:12 TrackBack Ping URL
Now that there's apparently the possibility of Saddam retiring [source] I realize that I wasn't sufficiently clear about what the quid pro quo was for allowing a brutal dictator a cushy retirement. It's not worth it to just get Scum One out of office and replace him with Scum Two. The deal must include the surrender of the government to outside forces, which may not be good but is very likely to be better than Scum Two. In Iraq, I wouldn't support a Saddam exile that didn't involve the occupation of Iraq by the US. That's the only to prevent an Uday from coming to power or Saddam running the country from the outside. To take the view that it's ok to let the dictator get away as I have is to place the highest value on the state of the citizenry. Therefore any deal must clearly and substantively improve their plight or it's just moral surrender. It's difficult to see any benefit to the people of Iraq without a thorough house cleaning which will be effectively impossible from inside.