Watching your money
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Here's another article on the explicit refusal by the EU to investigate exactly what the Palestinian Authority does with the 10 million euros the EU hands out every month.

EU Commissioner for External Affairs Chris Patten dismissed the call for a probe, saying it would undermine moderates in the Palestinian Authority, and thus scupper any hopes of halting the cycle of violence in the Middle East.

"An inquiry would make it enormously difficult to continue providing aid (to the Palestinian Authority)," Patten told a meeting of the Parliament's foreign affairs committee.

[...]"If we sunder relations with the Palestinian Authority it will be very difficult to claim that the EU is playing any kind of role in the Middle East region," Patten added.

Apparently it's better to sponsor a terrorist in the dark than light a single candle of inquiry.

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Mike Sackton Sunday, 08 December 2002 at 15:32

Did you read the entire article? Particularly this part:

“Patten said Israel itself was using the same bank account as the Commission did after it recently resumed some of the payments of customs receipts owed to the Authority and frozen two years ago because of the conflict.”

Are you therefore arguing that Israel is sponsoring terrorism? Or that somehow the money one entity puts into a bank account can be withdrawn by terrorists, but the money a different entity does can’t?

I’m not quite sure why an inquiry would be a bad idea, but inquiries do tend to get in the way of doing things (isn’t that why Bush was against a 9/11 inquiry for such a long time)?

Annoying Old Guy Sunday, 08 December 2002 at 18:23

Yes, I read the entire article. I think that it would be legitimate to make the argument that Israel is funding terrorism if Israel hadn’t frozen the accounts precisely because of the lack of accountability when the current intifada started. As for the EU’s motivation for blocking the inquiry, Patten comes right out and says that being in the Great Game is more important than anything else. And the US is the immoral imperialist?

I agree that I need to rip on Bush some more about not investigating the 9/11 problems in the US government more, but plenty of others are doing such a good job that I don’t have the motivation. I also don’t have much faith in Kissinger generating anything other than a whitewas - he got along fine with Nixon, who was a fan of big government.

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[source, source] Palestinian Authority officials’ salaries are paid by the European Union, but Arafat or his cronies were skimming off...

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