Salvation through destruction
Posted by aogSunday, 15 December 2002 at 18:50 TrackBack Ping URL

An interesting article via Tim Blair on the origins of anti-Americanism in the desparate effort to save Marxism from the ash heap of history. It's quite good, I would only quibble with

No capitalist society has ever willingly liquidated itself, and it is utopian to think that any ever will
As many have commented, it's not so clear that the EU member countries are well on the way to liquidating themselves. But the author is correct that it hasn't quite happened yet.

Update: I just realized the real message here - "it's all about me". Better to destroy America and the West than endure the pain of rethinking your beliefs. So for the proponents of these theories it's ultimately it's not about accomplishing anything but feeling good about oneself. Doesn't the define modern liberalism?