Saddam Hussein: If I can't have Iraq, no one can
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So once again there are rumours that Saddam will unleash destruction on Iraq if the US invades. I've been hearing that since 12 Sep 2001. It is a disgusting but rational choice on his part. Whatever happens to Iraq, regardless of why or by whom, the US will be blamed. It's quite plausible that Saddam will arrange for massacres of his own civilians, knowing that the intelligentsia of the West will blame the US. There are several observations one can make from this fact.

In a real sense, if such massacres occur, the hard core anti-Americans will have to share some blame because it is their unswerving acceptance of anything that attacks the US that creates the "objective conditions" making it a good policy for Saddam.

It's another example of the soft bigotry of the modern Left. As far as the Left is concerned, wogs don't have moral agency. No responsibility can be attached to Saddam or the Iraqis, only to Westerners. Of course, moral agency is a defining characteristic of being human. Connect the dots.

Another facet of the previous point is how Iraqi lives are irrelevant to the Left. Those lives only have meaning when their loss can be blamed on the US or the West. Otherwise they have no meaning. Here we have the moral equivalence between Saddam and the Left. Both are willing to sacrifice any number of Iraqi lives, health and welfare in order to damage the US and the West.

Unfortunately, we are the Sons of Martha and must soldier on regardless.

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